• Espolón Añejo

    , Tequila

    Aged for a year or longer in white oak barrels and finished in American oak bourbon barrels, the Espolón Tequila Añejo arrives with a fully developed and engaging expression of agave driven flavor. With strong vanilla and caramel aromas complementing the oaky, agave flavor and long peppery finish, the Espolón Tequila Añejo must be experienced.

  • Espolón Blanco

    , Tequila

    To taste a tequila that is created, not made, sample the 100% pure agave Espolón Tequalia Blanco, which features a delicate aroma of sweet agave, with tropical and lemon zest notes, and a hint of pepper. The flavor palette delivers a bright agave flavor with memories of grilled pineapple and vanilla bean as well as a clean finish with a spicy coda.

  • Espolón Reposado

    , Tequila

    Colored in a rich, golden hue and aroma of spice with a glint of caramel fudge, the 100% pure agave Espolón Tequila Reposado offers intrigue in a full bodied package. Tastes of sweet tropical fruit and brown spices with a drawn out spicy finish reveal the complexity that comes from the 6 month American oak barrel aging process.