Event Planning

Michello has always been chosen for hosting events and parties because of our qualified and professional staff.


Order your food from home or work. We will get it ready for you to pick up and takeaway right when you arrive.

Food Delivery

We guarantee that your food will be delivered in less than 30mins after weve got your order.

Cooking Courses

Like our food? Join our courses and learn how to cook like a chef from top-notch restaurant.

Michello Cookery School

Learn some of the advanced techniques professional chefs employ in the working kitchens. We have around 15 cookery courses to choose from across 3 skill levels from beginner to advanced, so you are sure to find a course that suits you. Check below for courses that start this month and call us for opening discounts.

For Beginners

Our Beginner's cookery course is the first step to becoming a skilled cook.


Learn to cook with the finest ingredients, the most exquisite tastes.

Italian Dishes

Italian in your kitchen? Learn to cook authentic food with Italian passion.

Modern British

Learn to cook the Great British food that the world admires the most.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fresh ingredients from local farmers and sources, selected by Michello staffs.
  • Skillful, passionate chefs with at least 5 years of experiences in 5-star restaurants.
  • The best services from friendly, caring waiters.
  • Convenient locations in the center of the city.
  • Trusted and rated 5 stars by 90% of our customers.

Service Partners